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  • What is a 'hop'?

    A 'hop' represents an activity or a stop on a trip. It could be eating at a restaurant, staying at a hotel, visiting a landmark, or even taking a train to go from A to B. Hops are the building blocks of a trip. Use Hoptale as a pocket tale-teller for your hops around the world!

  • How to browse trips?

    Explore popular and trending trips on our homepage. You can also use the search bar on top to find trips regarding your specific interest or destination. If you like a trip, check out the other trips from the same author by clicking the author username or profile photo.

    Inside each trip, a chronically-organized gallery provides a quick visual overview. Every tile (photo or text) in the gallery is clickable to see further details. Above the gallery, you also have easy access to the key information of the trip such as itinerary, map, highlights, and journal.

  • How to share a trip?

    Look for the share icon , usually located near trip title. Click on the share icon and select how you want to share the trip.

  • How to create a trip?

    Download the Hoptale app, sign up for an account, click on the big fat plus button in the app, and follow the screens from there on. We try to automate as much work as possible so you can turn your trip into a beautiful travel story in as little as 10 minutes. Check out a few tips on how to create a great travel story on Hoptale.

    We currently do not support creating a trip on our website - pleaseif you would like us to add that feature.

  • Can everyone see my trip once created?

    When you create a trip, the trip is completely private and you have the option to edit and add any information that we didn't automatically generate for you. You can publish your trip when you are done with all the editing. Once published, the trip can be viewed and searched publicly.

    You can set any photos of a published trip to be private so only you can see them. We have also developed smart features to protect your privacy (for example, automatically detecting photos with faces and set those to private if desired).