Maine - Kayaking & Family-Friendly Activities

Mount Desert Island is known for Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. Both are great for young people but as we stay here longer, we have discovered many family friendly activities on the island too.

2-3 visits





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Bar Harbor, Hancock County
Day 1

The White Peony

White peonies in front of the house were in full blossom! They were so pretty!


Coastal Kayaking Tours

First time kayaking!


Frenchman Bay Kayaking Tour

We did the tandem kayaking so each kayak fits two people. The instructor told us who sits in the front and who sit in the back depends on who is the bossier and who is the stronger among the two people. That was an easy decision - I sat in the front and hubby sat in the back 😆. We had fun. The hardest part was the coordination between the two people. If you row at the exact same rhythm, energy is converted into speed more efficiently. We also ran into some strong winds on our way back ... battling the sea wind wasn’t fun but luckily we made back to shore safely.


Mama Dimatteo's

Good food and romantic garden settings. We enjoyed our couple’s dinner here.

Mount Desert, Bar Harbor
Day 2

Swimming in Somes Pond

One of the popular swimming ponds among the locals. It’s not as crowded as the Echo Lake as most tourists like going to that one. But it also doesn’t have a big landing beach like the Echo.


Somesville Museum and Gardens

Somesville is a small but pretty town on the island. All the house are white and the gardens are green. In the town center is a tiny museum with a pretty garden and bridge. A good place for Instagram-worthy pictures 😊.


Mill Pond


Sweet Pea's Cafe

A vineyard / farm / restaurant, Sweet Pea came highly recommended by our hosts. We loved the open seatings right next to the vineyard. The menu was very simple but everything was execute well. There was one signature cocktail that was so delicious that we ordered 3 in a row.

Hancock County, Lamoine
Day 3

Home BBQ


Walmart Supercenter

It is always an interesting experience shopping at Walmart Supercenter as we don’t have those kind of stores in NYC. It’s so big and the prices are so cheap!

Bar Harbor
Day 4

Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

A really fun mini-golf park for the whole family. It was the first time our little one tried mini-golf and she was getting pretty good at putting towards the end of it. But she didn’t like putting the ball into the hole because she was afraid the hole might eat the ball 😂


Udder Heaven Ice Cream Retreat

Great ice cream shop next to the popular Mainly Meats BBQ. We got their sampler boat (4 flavors of your choice) - every flavor was good!

Bar Harbor
Day 5

Stone Barn

A picturesque farmhouse with an easy trail around it. It was literally 10-min walk from where we stayed so this was the little one’s daily outing. We also saw professional photographers shooting family portraits/engagements a few times.

Bar Harbor
Day 6

Indian Point Blagden Preserve

One of the family-friendly trails - we didn’t reach the end of it to see the exciting part (water view) as it was getting dark and buggy.


The Travelin Lobster

One of the most popular lobster pounds on the island. We spent a lovely evening there and the food was yummy.