Central Java Roadtrip - December 2019

Decided to go for a roadtrip with my friends and families to close the year of 2019. It was a nice journey and we visited Yogyakarta, Klaten, and Tawangmangu - Solo. Enjoy a bit of my stories to highlight the trip.





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Day 1


We finally made it to Yogyakarta! This was actually my first roadtrip after quite some time I didn’t think of driving to go to Central Java.

We left Jakarta early in the morning and we arrived safely in the afternoon. Yogya is always a good idea to enjoy traditional Javanese meals, fresh air, and also beautiful nature all along the way.

We stayed at Grenhost Boutique Hotel which has strategic location and walking distance to some hype places to hangout in Yogya. Unfortunately it was also holiday season so we had some traffic jam when we were strolling the city.

After having a yummy meals then we decided to visit one coffee shop called Filosofi Kopi that has spacious space and decent coffee. Such a perfect place to catch up with families and friends.

Yogyakarta also has some beautiful temples but we didn’t make time to visit since we need to move to another city to celebrate Christmas.

So, where are we going after Yogya?

Day 2
Kabupaten Klaten


Wohoo we are now in Klaten, Central Java! It was about 2 hours (normally 1 hour) driving from Yogya. This is my hometown and I was here to celebrate Christmas with my big family.

During our stay in Klaten, we managed to visit one coffee shop called Nggone Mbahmu (or in English Your Grandparent’s House). The owner welcoming us with big smiles and they love to share stories about coffee while preparing the drinks for all the customers.

This place was like hidden gem because I didn’t expect to see a big house with beautiful view around that area. They also have various kind of coffee from all around Indonesia (PS: the coffee was awesome).

If you managed to visit Klaten then spent some time to make a visit and enjoy a decent coffee here.

Day 3
Karanganyar Regency


My mom once told me that she never been to Solo which actually only 2 hours driving from my hometown in Klaten.

So our last stop in Central Java for sure was Solo and we decided to go up a bit and stayed at Tawangmangu area.

After we arrived in Solo, it was already lunch time so we managed to had lunch in the city. One of my favourite restaurant there called Adem Ayem Restaurant, mandatory visit to eat there.

As we also a group of coffee lovers, we also managed to enjoy coffee before driving up to Tawangmangu area. It’s another 1,5 hours driving from the city and found out the place was amazing.

Cold weather and beautiful scenery during our way makes everything feels perfect. We stayed at Nava Hotel which has a nice pool and we can enjoying lazy time while enjoying the view.

The next day we decided to workout a bit and did hiking to see the waterfall. Early morning was the best time to arrived there because it was still a bit empty.

This place was our last stop and the next day we were driving home to Jakarta. Ciao Tawangmangu!