Venice, Murano and Burano

A day trip to three islands in the Veneto area: Venice, Murano and Burano Islands

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There can never be too much of Italy. On a work trip I took a day to visit Venice as it’s one of the few cities I’ve never been to in a Italy. My love for art and colors had me visiting two other islands and it was so worth it.

Venezia, Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice
Day 1

St Marks Basilica

The St Marks Basilica is in one word beautiful with its Gold Mosiacs, frescos and relief paintings makes this a must see in Venice. Please bear in mind that the lines are always super long to get in, so buying your ticket ahead or using a guided tour might be best. It is also noteworthy that this is still being used as a church, therefore it is not customary to come in with shorts and sleeveless clothes in reverence of it being a holy sanctuary. If you have time visit the terrace and museum above the church (for a few euros) and you’ll get beautiful views of the piazza as well.


Doge's Palace

The Doge’s Palace adjacent to the Basilica was the seat of power for the Duke of Venice when Venice was it’s own territory. It is now a tourist site and gets lots visitors everyday. The palace is ornately decorated with gold leaf ceilings and paintings done by famous artists. With the biggest canvas painting in the world in this palace. Every room is different and a wonder to be in. That I couldn’t help but wonder about the lifestyle of the rich and how opulently they lived.

It also reminds me that art transcends generations and if done right can never go out of style.

A must see monument in my book!



Ever been to a famous mosque or hotel and seen some beautiful chandeliers, vases or glass work? Ever heard of Murano Glass? Well, this is where they make them. Murano is an island in Venice that inhabits the original glass blowers. Their designs are so unique and everything is made by hand. It takes about 15years for a person to become a master at glass blowing and therefore the art is dying out with the technology age. However to see the process allows one to understand the intricacies that go into these pieces. A bit on the pricier side but as I like to say, you can’t put a price on art. Go and be blown away by all the glass work.

Fun fact: there is a Christmas tree in the center of the town that is made from all glass.



Burano, another Venetian island is home to the lace making women of Italy. The traditional Burano lace is made up of 7 stitches done by 7 different women. It take about 2 months to complete one lace that is the size of a placemat. The tradition of lace making started in the 1800s when the women of Burano with a little free time will sit together outside their homes to catch up with other women and they don’t come empty handed, they came with their needle work. This led to them making intricate and beautiful designs and something to note is that each woman’s skill set was different from the next. So they’ll each embroider a different part of the fabric and pass it on to the next person till all the lace work was complete.

Another thing Burano is known for is their colorful house. This also started In the 1800s when the men of Buriano will go on expeditions and due to the weather and fog couldn’t see past their masts to know if the got home. The women they left behind decided to paint their houses and men’s boats in distinct colors so they know when their men were back.

This tradition has been kept in place long after the expeditions making it a picturesque and Instagram worthy location. The vibrant colors make for a good photo session.

Fun fact: there’s a game played that you have to take a picture with a building that closely matches the clothes you are wearing. (in my case I contrasted)


St. Mark's Square


Venetian Lagoon